Iya Alagbo Discovers Concoction For Coronavirus In Lagos

One traditional medicine practitioner in Lagos popularly referred to an Iya Alagbo has assured Nigerians that she has discovered an effective concoction for the cure of coronavirus. Iya Gbogbole played down the symptoms of coronavirus to that of strong malaria said people should not panic as they have tested the efficacy of herbal concoction for the cure of coronavirus.

Our reporters were called upon to ascertain the claim of this woman, on getting to her shop which one of the most popular shops in Agege Elewe Omo (i.e where they sell herbal ingredients) disclosed that her special concoction that successfully cures coronavirus. To convince us that she told most of the symptoms of the virus which she compared with that of malaria fever.

Iya Gbogbole as she rightly called, however, showed us some of the ingredients she will use to prepare the concoction. She revealed that the concoction will be used for just 4 days and the victim will then go for test after using it for four days.

She further disclosed that people are afraid of coronavirus because there is no cure yet but they have not come to Lagos to test our special concoction. I am assuring you that this concoction will overpower coronavirus. Until people test our herb they should go about telling the whole world that there is no cure for coronavirus. I think herbal concoction will work faster than English medicine for coronavirus. He said.


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