Is Jet Li dead or alive the untold story about his health

Is Jet Li dead or alive. Jet Li health is getting worse after the photo of the star went viral. Fans have alleged fear over the viral photo with some people asked whether Jet Li is dead or alive.

Jet Li has alleged to have suffered from hyperthyroidism a condition that can cause fatigue and weight loss and that has previously ignited rumors of Li’s declining health.

The man has indeed lost weight and the post suggested that fans should be praying for him. With this reason some fans have trooped to Google to search ‘Is Jet Li dead or alive’.

Is Jet Li dead or alive

While some of his fans were praying for him, others have speculated that the man they believe is Li looks older because of bad lighting or the angle.

The energetic, acrobatic and action man looks unrecognized. He was active but now he looks like old man at 55 years old. Li who features in many of action films include the Romeo Must Die (2000), Lethal Weapon 4(1998) and The Expendables series etc.

He was photographed visiting a temple in Tibet donning glasses and a shaved head. Some shocking comments from the fans of him. Someone said,  “I couldn’t even recognise him.”

And one added: “His kung fu is real and his films were great. Pity he’s suffering from this illness.”

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Is Jet Li dead or alive
Is Jet Li dead or alive


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