Is jeroidNG legit or a scam? Here is all you need to know

In Nigeria it’s easy to sell unwanted gift cards but just be careful so you don’t fall victim to online gift card scammers

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably encountered the jeroid NG app one way or another.

You either read it on your Facebook wall, twitter trend, instablog or Tunde  Ednut Instagram page  , Or perhaps a friend suddenly messaged you out of nowhere to trade in their new venture. The promise is to trade with  maximum security  on the safety of your trade and funds


Many things has  happened to a lot of Nigerians about scammers  and this article is here to save you from such experiences.

So far there’s only one trusted company that involve in  buying of bitcoin, redeeming of gift cards and shipping items from USA to Nigeria  in Nigeria as of when this article was published and that is . They deal on all sorts of cards, from Amazon, Walmart, google play and others


JEROID NG is a Bank of all gift cards and master in shipping . jeroid also boasts of one of the safest and fastest pay-out systems. You get your money direct in your bank and it saves you the stress of trying to trade it with foreign companies which will demand that you have a secondary account and all of that. As icing on the cake, they also operate in all over Nigeria . Asides JEROID NG, what you will see would be a lot of middle men and they are largely not to be trusted.

Rates on these cards vary based on their offers on the supply and market demand. This means, they tend to pay more for cards that people want and the exchanges need.

Also a member of Davido Music Worldwide, Aloma DMW, has signed an ambassadorial deal with JeroidNG, which was published by punch  read more

JEROID NG understand that honesty is the best way to keep you coming back to them, and they pledge to stay glued to this, more reason why their deals are fair and square. they got all you need on our platform. Easy and stress-free trade.


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