#InternationalDayOfHappiness: List of most Happiest and Saddest Countries

#InternationalDayOfHappiness: let reveal the countries where the people are always happy with the one that has the least happy people.

The United Nations have come out today is the International Day of Happiness to announce the countries that are the happiest, listing the top 10 and those that are least happy.
here is the list…

World’s happiest countries

  1. Finland

  2. Denmark

  3. Norway

  4. Iceland

  5. Netherlands

  6. Switzerland

  7. Sweden

  8. New Zealand

  9. Canada

  10. Australia

World’s least happy countries

  1. South Sudan

  2. Central African Republic

  3. Afghanistan

  4. Tanzania

  5. Rwanda

  6. Yemen

  7. Malawi

  8. Syria

  9. Botswana

  10. Haiti


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