Injured fan left to his fate at Medikal’s concert last year

The AMG rapper Medikal who was identified as Frank Arhin, who is said to have met with a serious injury at the Medikal’s concert which was being held at the Sowutuom sate hotel last year December, is almost dying after he was being abandoned by the rapper at the state hospital.

The concert which was titled ‘Welcome to Sowutuom’ which took place on the month of November 29, 2019, which was late this last year.

Witnessed spectacular performances from acts such as the famous Shatta Wale, DJ Switch, King Promise, Joey B among others at Kwashieman School Park, and many more popularly know rappers and also a suburb of Accra inhabitants.

An eye witness said an accident occurred due to the overloud sound engine which bass is too high and the carrier of the sound engine could not withstand the vibration of the speakers which eventually fell of and all those who are on stage and close to the stage collapsed as large speakers fell on them.

At the time speakers fell from their stands Shatta Wale was the main celebrity on stage performing some of his popular songs.

So he was said to be smashed by the larger sound outputs. after then he was being rushed to the hospital where he was being abandoned by the host of the program.

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