Igbo leaders Send Strong Message To Buhari Over Biafra

Igbo leaders have sent a strong message to President Muhammadu Buhari concerning the struggle of Biafra in the Southeast zone. They advised President Muhammadu Buhari, to avoid making regrettable mistakes in dealing with the Biafra struggle in the Southeast zone.


A former Governor of Imo State, sent the message to the pResident during the 2019 public service lecture and awards series ceremony of the University of Ibadan Alumni Association, held in Owerri capital of Imo State.

In Ohakim’s message to Buhari, he said that “Buhari should not make the same mistake of Britain when they were dealing with Northern Ireland”.

He said: “Because of its security implications, all I would like to say here is to advice our present political leadership to avoid the mistake the British made in Northern Ireland.

“In Northern Ireland, the British made an avoidable mistake. They fell into the trap of believing that because they had power, weapons, soldiers and experience that dwarfed those of the insurgents, it did not matter what the people thought of them.

“History tells us that Britain couldn’t defeat Northern Ireland insurgents for more than twenty years. Peace negotiation did the magic. For example, President Yar’ Adua heeded this advice and succeeded with the Niger Delta militants and amnesty programme.”

“leadership is essential, a selfless and more often than not, a thankless enterprise with a price to pay. Oftentimes, the price is heavy as in the case of Mandela”.

“Ordinarily, it should be taken that with the abundance of human resources at the disposal of the country, Nigeria, should be able to record quantum leap in development”.

“Imagine the number of great brains and human capital across the globe who are Nigerians, yet back home, the fate of the country is determined and defined by individuals that are obvious square pegs in round holes.

“The motion without movement, the harvest of failures, inertia and rudderlessness that hallmark the development streak of his country may forever be the cross we must carry.”

“40 million unemployed youths, a 30 per cent increase in the divorce rate. Nigeria has the largest extreme poverty population in the world at the moment with 87 million living in extreme poverty.

“Nigeria shockingly has a murder rate of 9.85 per cent. In the area of environment, the annual rate of deforestation in Nigeria today is approximately 4 per cent which about 400,000 to 450,000 hectares per year.

“Nigeria, therefore, has the highest rate of deforestation in the world. Again, we are now faced with rapid desert encroachment affecting fifteen states in Nigeria. For example, out of 909,890 km2 of our country’s land area, about 600,000 km2 or 65.94 per cent of our total land area is today completely lost to desert encroachment.


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