Identity of Nigerian Footballer Who Was Infected By Coronavirus In Italy

A Nigerian player have tested positive for corona virus in Italy. His name is King Paul Akpan Udoh and he happen to be the first professional footballer to be diagnosed with coronavirus.

A Nigerian player have testes positive

He is currently playing for Serie C club Pianese but was once a player in Juventus. He was diagnosed yesterday 27th February, 2020 but have being quarantined.

Italian-Nigerian player, King Paul Akpan Udoh, has become the first professional footballer to be diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus.

King Paul who currently plays for Italian Serie C side Pianese was diagnosed with the disease on February 27 and has been quarantined.He is 22 years old.

I really hope and pray he recovers. Remember the first case of the deadly virus was reported today in Nigeria by an Italian Consultant.


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