I See Biafra Coming as Nigeria Govt Has Failed To Secure Innocent People” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie of salvation ministry Port Harcourt,today 3rd May 2019 talks about Biafra during MAY 2019 week of spiritual empowerment,as he expresses concern how the current administration in Nigeria has decided to sectionalized Nigeria.

He used Esau and Jacob to describe Nigeria,How Esau used his strength on everything and Jacob engaged his mind and change things around.Nigeria happen to be that ESAU that sold his birth right. In the 70’s 1 dollars was equal to a Naira but under Gen Babagida the naira was devalued and Nigeria lost her place completely.

He further said, if you don’t have value for yourself then you will be devalued as a person, He said Nigeria failed to value herself and went ahead to borrow even when Nigeria was not in lack and Nigeria was devalued.
He said,a section of Nigeria has dominated the resources coming from another section and he said do you think it will continue?

He said it will come to an end someday because the injustice will never last forever.
Pastor David Ibiyeomie said Biafra was celebrated in Germany during a festival because it was accepted by the German Government,he further said who told you Biafra will not come,well,if Nigeria continues with the current structure under this same administration and continues with the sectionalisation game then Biafra will be restored.


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