I am alive woman who jumped into Lagos Lagoon [Video]

I am alive woman who jumped into Lagos Lagoon. A woman has claimed she is the one reportedly jumped into Lagos Lagoon. In a video which is now trending online. The woman said her name is Boladale and her picture has been used as that of the supposed woman.

She revealed that some of her photos were sent viral and was alleged she jumped into 3rd mainland bridge. She got to know about it when a friend sent her the photos and she also received several calls from family, friends and relatives.

She went further to say her photo was mixed with photo of another woman linking her to the unfortunate incident. She is alive according to her.

The story of the suicide is getting  of people confused. Somebody allegedly to be her friend revealed why this woman jumped into Lagos. Read that version of the story here

I am alive woman who jumped into Lagos Lagoon

Well a woman who was claimed to have jumped into Lagos Lagoon has come to say she is alive.

Watch the video below.



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