Valentine wahala husband caught wife in an hotel

It is happenning early this morning husband caught wife in an hotel in Alagbodo area of Lagos state. Mr Ola (not his real name) has caugh his with red-handed under the bang of her lover. The hotel this morning witness a massive crowd trying to catch a glance at the cheating wife. But is it by force to celebrate valentine.

According to the eyewitness, Mr Ola has travelled to Abeokuta since Sunday and he promised to be back on Friday. He has hearing different rumours that his wife is having extra marital affair and he had feeling that his wife was cheating on her but she never caught her in the act. As the saying many days for the thief and one day for the owner.

husband caught wife in an hotel

A friend of Mr Ola has got to the hotel with his baby when he suddenly spotted Mr Ola’s wife with her lover. He quickly hid for them not to see him. He quickly put call through to his friend who is in Abeokuta. As God will has his way, they booked for a room for two hours. Mr Ola’s friend repeated calling Mr Ola to come and confirm what he has seen.

When the call persist, Mr Ola had to leave Abeokuta for Lagos. As you know the distance between Abeokuta to Alagbado is within one hour. Unlucky for the cheating wife, they were still in hotel room when the husband arrived. He caught her naked under the bang of her lover. hmm all nah valentine day wahala.

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