Hunter kills Elephant at Idanre in Ondo state [Photos]

Hunter kills Elephant at Idanre in Ondo state. A hunter popularly known as Ajaja gunned down a wildlife animal Elephant in the forest of Idanre in Ondo State. Mr Ajaja quickly post the news on social media hoping to receive praise from Nigerians but rather Nigerians condemned the act.

According to some online media, the huster accused the Elephant of destroying crops in the area before it was gunned down. Some Nigerians fired the hunter for killing such an endangered species noted that the Elephant may have escaped from the Oluwa Forest Reserve in Ondo State rather than informing a government official about the whereabouts of the lost animal, Mr hunter decided to kill it. They also advised Ondo State Governor to arrest and prosecute the hunter.

Hunter kills Elephant at Idanre in Ondo state

check the photos below

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