#Santatracker2017: How to use Santa tracker to track father Christmas

Learn how to use Santa tracker to track father Christmas. Where will father Christmas will be in this eve of Christmas. Follow Santa anywhere is he at any particular time. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have been given the mission of keeping track of Santa’s whereabouts. They used satellites, fighter jets, Santa cams, and radar – NORAD can pinpoint the jolly fellow on his journey around the world. You can now determined where exactly is he.

The Mirror UK reported earlier that at around 9pm, he was flying over South Africa while at 8pm was he was over Greece and Turkey, which means he is bang on time to arrive in the UK at midnight. where is father Christmas or Santa now. Let us show you how you can used Santa tracker to track Father Christmas.

How to use Santa tracker to track father Christmas

How to use Santa tracker to track father Christmas

NORAD is responsible in finding the location where father Christmas is at any moment. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) launches an interactive tool for kids to track Santa’s progress around the world on Christmas Eve.

How to use Santa tracker to track father Christmas

To successfully track where Santa is he, follow this simple steps;

  1. Visit the official NORAD at https://www.noradsanta.org
  2. Select your Language
  3. Click on the picture that caption ‘The waiting is over start tracking Santa Now.
  4. You can also play around the modules. where you will find Earth, North Pole, Games, Movies, Music, Library, Gift Shop and NORAD HQ.
  5. Have Fun and Merry Christmas.
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