How To Turn Your Bachelor Pad Into the Entertainment Centre Of The World 

A new football season is afoot. After months of a global lockdown as the world took a pause to collectively fight the COVID-19 pandemic, it is exciting that football is back.  

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The thrill of watching your favourite players back in their element does not override the fact that “corona is still outside”, therefore, as much as possible, avoid large gatherings and practice physical distancing.  

Do you know where you don’t have to practice physical distancing? In your house and you can get as close to the TV as you would like, you can scream at Ronaldo passionately as he scores, without fear that respiratory droplets from someone else’s shout will enter the air and probably your mouth, increasing your risk of catching a virus.  

And when Neymar misses a free-kick, or Messi loses a penalty, you can allow your tears flow without fear of judgement, because you’re in your house, and can freely express your emotions, away from societal pressure that men don’t cry. You can stay in your house and enjoy the best football moments safely because you have your DStv Autorenewal option.   

You don’t have to worry about expired subscriptions ever again, you’ll not have to queue or endure any inconveniences to pay for your subscription. All you need is your MyDStv app, and you can renew your subscription without stress.  

Your favourite team may lose the Premier League, but the DStv auto-renewal will not fail. You can always turn on your TV, wear your fresh jersey, open a cold bottle of beer, and settle in for premium entertainment.   

You might even call a few friends over for drinks, of course, they will all wash their hands before they sit, sanitize their hands and wear their face masks, as you watch your favourite teams score goals.   

Stay connected on these DStv packages; Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Confam and Yanga; and GOtv packages: Max and Jolli using the auto-renewal service and ensure your subscription doesn’t expire. 

Visit or for more information and download the MyDStv App or the MyGOtv App from the iOS and Android store to find out more and for self-service options. 


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