How to turn on/off Facebook Birthday Notifications

How to turn on/off Facebook Birthday Notifications: Facebook gives you the remainder of your birthday. But sometimes Facebook will not send the notifications to your freinds if you don’t turn it on. it is very annoying if Facebook refuse to notify your friends about your birth simply because you forget to set it up.

How to turn on/off Facebook Birthday Notifications

We are going to give simple steps to turn on/off Facebook birthday notifications;

How to turn on Facebook Birthday Notification.

Notice: You must set up your date of birth when updating your info. If you have not your birthday info. do it now.

Timeline > About > Basic Information > point at Birth Date item and to the right ‘Edit’ and an audience preference icon will appear–click on the audience icon, in the menu that opens click on audience icon for Birth Date and set privacy to Friends (if you wish you can do the same for the year), then Save Changes

Now follow the following steps to turn on your birthday notifications.

  1. Log on to your Facebook Account.
  2. Go to Facebook setting 
  3. Click on notifications, click again on all Notifications
  4. Locate Birthday, then turn it on.

This also will enable Facebook to send you notifications of your friends birthday. However if you don’t want to receive notofications from your friends follow the same steps to turn it off.

Turning off birthday alerts is a simple and straightforward process. Log in to yourFacebook account on your computer. Click on the “Account Settings” link on the top right of your screen.Then click on “Notifications“,under “Notifications” click on “Birthdays” and Turn Off notificaton. How to turn on/off Facebook Birthday Notifications 

Also if you provide incorrect information about your birthday, you can change the birthday information. Follow the simple steps:

How to change your Birthday Information on Facebook

To do this, click on “about” and scroll down to your birth date and click edit. Go to your birth year and click on edit and change the year. PLEASE NOTE: Facebook limits the amount of times that you can change your age. As of now, you can only changeit once and it will ask you to confirm this change. How to turn on/off Facebook Birthday Notifications 

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