How to read Jonathan’s book My Transition Hours online

Jonathan’s book my transition: The Former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan ‘s book ‘My Transition Hours’ can be downloaded and read online. A lot of people want to get access to read the book that has generated a lot of argument in the political space.

Mystatenews will show you how to read Jonathan’s book My Transition Hours online. The hard copy is available in the bookshop across Nigeria but the book is not readily distributed to the local bookshop for easy access.

How to read Jonathan’s book My Transition Hours online

The biggest online reading platform Amazon has a review of the book, My Transition Hours. The book is also sold there. You can order the soft copy and read the whole story at Amazon website

A quick review of My Transition Hours by Goodluck Jonathan

My Transition Hours, a book by former President Jonathan is written to reveal some secret about his administration especially the last hours in the regime. Why he lost the 2015 general election is also paid attention to in the book.

The book has a total of 202 pages. Some people have this to say about My Transition Hours

In March 2015, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan made one of those courageous and insightful decisions when he stepped forward to acknowledge he had lost his re-election bid. Through that single stroke, President Jonathan raised the bar on office holders in his country and across Africa. This publication is a compilation of President Goodluck Jonathan’s leadership prowess at the helm. It is also a vivid testimony of yet another real-life lesson to office holders across this continent of budding democracies-there is life after state House!

for Africa, National Democratic Institute

President Jonathan did the Unthinkable in 2015 – he called the opposition candidate to concede an election whose final results had not been announced. He had the capacity to foment trouble., for whatever reason, but chose the path of peace. In this book, he has, in his characteristic simplicity, told a compelling story of his five-year tenure, including his footprints in various sectors of the economy. It is the story of pains and gains, tenacity in the face of adversity, and grass and grace. This undroppable book delivers inspiration from chapter to chapter.

– Simon Kolawale, Nigerian Journalist and Columnist.

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