How To Project Your Camon 11 Pro To A PC or TV Screen

Since the launch of the Camon 11 Pro by TECNO Mobile, there has been so much buzz about the device because of its sleekness and glassy design. The blue gradient glass back is indeed a sight to behold.

But beyond the external design, the OS (HiOS 4.1) is packed with updated features which make the device stand out. One of such functions is the Cast Screen Function.

Traditionally, casting your screen to another screen can be an uphill task because of its complexities (Chrome cast and all). But with advancements in technology, casting your screen to another to another device is now a piece of cake. It would take you less than one minute to set up.

Why do I need to Cast My Screen?

Some might wonder, why do I need to cast my screen? Well, the reason is simple. Sometimes, what is on your phone screen might not be big enough. It could also be that you want to share a video with friends and family, and your phone screen might be too small for all to gather around. Why not just project it on a bigger screen for all to see at once and clearer? If you are someone like me that likes games on a large screen, cast screen won’t be bad idea.

What Can I Connect To?

The Camon 11 Pro can be casted to any device that has the cast screen feature. It could range from a smart TV, a laptop, a tab or even another phone. There is no need to install any 3rd party app for you to enjoy this feature. Just enable it and connect. When on a larger screen, one would expect image distortion, but this is not the really the case. The picture or video projected retains the image quality on the larger screen. So, you get to see almost the same image/video quality on the casted screen. It not only cast the picture/video, it also cast the audio too… So, if you have your favourite movie on your device, no need to start looking for cable or flash to connect your device to the bigger screen, just cast it.

How do I Cast My Camon 11 Pro Screen?

All you need to do is very simple. Just follow these easy steps:

STEP 1: Set up the Cast screen feature on the external screen you want to cast to.

STEP 2: Go to settings on your Camon 11 Pro.

STEP 3: Select Connected devices.

STEP 4: Click on Cast.

STEP 5: Click on the vertical 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen and click on Enable wireless display.

STEP 6: Select the device you want to cast to and click on it… That’s all!


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