How To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy With Herbs To Avoid Abortion

The rate of abortion is high these days. There is a way you can refrain from being pregnant after s*x. This is the natural way our forefather used in those days. If you use this natural solution you will never be bothered about abortion and want you are ready to get pregnant again you can stop this.

Now there are lots of family planning out there you can get the best from your doctor if you don’t believe in herb. but I am sure you will like this. Just go to the herb store and get the following ingredients.

Now you will need lime, Lipton Tea. then follow this instruction to prepare it. You will need to boil 8 pieces of lime and 6 bags of Lipton tea. That’s all. This is how to use it (dosage), drink one cup once daily for 2 days. Boil and do this after having s8x.


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