Security tips: How to distinguish the real Facebook UBA Leo from the fake Leo

Your internet banking is very important! here’s what you should know to differentiate the real Facebook Leo from the fake version.

Meet the real Facebook Leo
Meet the real Facebook Leo

UBA recently released the UBA chat banking app called UBA  Leo. This lovely bank has done so much to integrate banking beyond mobile and internet banking.  We can now bank over Social media accounts using secure pathways. Therefore, We can rightly refer to UBA  as one of Africa’s most innovative banking institutions.

With the UBA Chat banking feature AKA UBA Leo,  you can make complaints, buy Airtime and do just so much via this website. A point to note,  using UBA Leo for your complaints are twice as effective as a visit to the bank.

Many disagree with this because they feel since it is ultimately a bot, it might not be addressed. This is false because all issues are never immediately addressed and have to be logged first not minding the pathway you choose.  But the UBA Leo banking gives you more, your complaints will not be logged with human errors and sluggishness, it will be taken as the first priority. All you need to do is ensure that you accurately describe your problems while chatting with UBA Leo.

Also, there is a problem of distinguishing the fake UBA Leo from the real one on Facebook. When you do a search on Facebook, you will find many apps bearing variants of the real UBA Leo. There is only one real facebook UBA chat banking. Therefore we will help you pick only the right one.

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How to pick the real Facebook UBA Leo

Here are some security tips courtesy of UBA to help you select only the right UBA chat banking app. The real Facebook Leo cannot be distinguished any other way to ensure you understand every aspect of the tips listed below.

  1. Leo will never request for sensitive information such as Account number, PIN etc via the app. It will first send you to a secure web page, where you can now place your account numbers and other sensitive information.
  2. Leo will never request that you place your complete card number or CVV no
  3. Make sure to connect to Leo, by using only this URL:
  4. You can also verify the real Leo by searching for the blue Facebook tick logo by the application
Meet the Real Facebook Leo
Meet the Real Facebook Leo

5. The real Facebook Leo chat link will come with every UBA transaction alert via SMS

6. Leo will always display your account number upon login of registered users.

7. You can also securley log into LEO via the UBA website

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How about registering for the real Facebook Leo

If you are new to using Facebook Leo, here is my advice so you only register via the real thing.  Visit any branch of the UBA Bank nearest to you. You can either use the customer care help desk or simply check around the banking scene, there will be UBA officials there to help you set up your real Facebook Leo Chatbanking account.

And there you have it, this is how you get the real Facebook Leo I hope this tips guide you so you stay safe as you bank via social media.

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