How to cure Typhoid Fever With Natural Herb

Whenever you are down with fever, it may be Typhoid or Malaria, if the test shows Typhoid fever, you have to take actions very fast. Here I will reveal the exact herbal formula our parents used to cure Typhoid fever.

Typhoid fever is a disease gotten from contaminated food or water. Typhoid is caused by a bacterium called salmonella enterica.

If you have Typhoid you will start experiencing the following, fever, Diarrhea, Headache, sore in the throat, pain in the abdomen, weakness etc.

Now whenever you are down with Typhoid, you should do the following to cure it completely.

You will need the following items, lemon grass, lime, unripe pawpaw, unripe pineapple, alabukun powder, Lipton and water.

This is how to prepare it, cut lemon grass, 25 limes, 2 unripe pawpaw, 2 unripe pineapple to piece and mix together. Add 6 bags if Lipton tea to the mixture. Boil the mixture fie 30 minutes with 3 litre of water. Add Alabukun powder 5 minutes to the end of the cooking.

You should take 1 glass, twice daily for one week. Drink when it is hot.

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