How To Cure Eye Problems With Herbs

When it comes to eye problems, it is something to do all your best to prevent it from happen, Eye problems are one if the most health conditions, if not properly handle it can lead to total blindness. Taking care of your eye is the precaution you need to take by yourself.

You may not experience eye problems if you start taking concrete steps to take care of your eye. There are different type of eye problems, ranging from simple to complex. They are cataracts, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, uveitis, eye allergies, corneal ulcer etc.

Statistics has shown that adult from age of 60 suffer more eye problems than younger ones. If you don’t want to your eye to degenerate in old age. There are actions you will need to take now. For instance, you should stop exposing your eye to too much lights. There are so many steps you take to prevent eye problems but here I am going to show you how you can cleanse your eye and make it younger and useful even at old age.

You need to look for lime juice and honey. Mix two spoonful of lime juice with ten spoonful of honey. Take a spoonful 3 times daily.

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