How to avoid Monkey Pox infections

The outbreak of Monkey Pox epidemic hit the Bayelsa state leaving many in fear. 10 people are already infected and about 49 people people under surveillance. You can avoid this dreadful disease. Here is how to avoid Monkey pox infections.

Monkey Pox as a viral illness caused by a group of viruses that include chicken pox and small pox, noting that the first case was noticed in the Democratic Republic of Congo and subsequently it had outbreaks in the West African region.

How to avoid Monkey Pox infections

What is Monkey Pox?

Monkey pox is a viruses in the double stranded DNA and one of the human orthopoxviruses that include cowpox, chicken pox, small pox according to the Wikipedia.

How Monkey Pox is transmitted

Monkey pox can be transmitted by animals or human. If you come intact with infected person you can be infected. Human can transmit it through body fluid. You can also be infected if you eat some animals most Monkeys or any other animals that are infected.

Monkey pox will begin to incubate from the first day of infections. It takes 5 to 21 days to fully incubated.

Signs and symptoms of Monkey pox.

How do you know whether you have contacted Monkey pox? What are the signs you will see. Let us check the common symptoms. The following are being observed as the symptoms of Monkey pox.

  1. Fever
  2. Headache
  3. Muscle aches
  4. Backache
  5. Swollen lymph nodes
  6. Chills
  7. Exhaustion

How to avoid Monkey Pox infections

How to avoid Monkey Pox infections

You can avoid being infected by Monkey pox. Some of the things you need to do to escape this virus are:

  1.  Avoid eating of Monkeys. This is according to Federal Ministry of Health. You should also consumption of bush meat and dead animals.
  2. Avoid a contact with infected person.

Note. The disease neither had a cure nor a vaccine. But the Ministry of Health will soon come out with vaccine as the virus surfaces in Bayelsa State Nigeria.


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