How Students Can Access Free Online Classes With Free Data

Nigeria has closed all schools across the country forcing all the students to stay at home with the mercy of their parents and guidance. Physical classroom is not advisable by the time of COVID-19, the Federal Government has, therefore, encourage the student to take advantage of online to study during this period.

Government has also made provision by going into the partnership with a private organization to create an enabling online platform for students to learn. Apart from the TV learning programme that so showing on NTA and Radio network in Nigeria. Nigeria has also partnered with an existing online learning platform like a mobile classroom that previously charges a fee for using its platform. Nigeria Government has fully paid for the subscription and students can access their platform and learn for free.

Buhari Government signed an agreement with and to teach student during COVID-19 period. For clarification, will provide learning for the primary school while the will serve the secondary school session.

The Federal Government has also partnered with mobile Network providers in Nigeria to give students free data to enable them to access the various video teaching in the online platform.

How To Access Mobile Classroom Platform

Students can log on to and sign up. For you to sign up students must have a valid email address. You register with the email address and create a unique password. After successfully register, you can only sign in to the platform. It is how it looks like.

Students can select the class and the subject of interest. The video tutorial pops up and learn will kick start.

For primary school pupils, they can access for the same information.


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