How PDP looted Nigeria dry, plan to come back to set it on fire

The People Democratic Party PDP was the most popular party in Nigeria between 1999 – 2015 before the party was rooted out by the current ruling party All Progressives Congress APC in 2015. You will be surprised to know how PDP looted Nigeria dry within 16 years. and still sing praises of coming back in 2019. Only the madam Daizani looted about N5 trillion. The Dasuki gate, the judges, the INEC officials, the customs, the permanent secretaries, the governors, the PDP leaders and even the oga Jona and his wife looted Nigeria dry.

How PDP looted Nigeria dry

The PDP came into power in 1999, there was a side of relieve. The reign of dictatorship was over. Nigeria were rejoicing. We welcomed Democratic elected President in the person of Olusegun Obasanjo. Nigerians expected the country to bounced back after the horrible experienced in the hand of Military government. Obasanjo stated fairly well in putting the country in a starting position. The regime was marred by looting the public fun. Obasanjo did prettily well in settling up institutions to curb corruptions. The ICPC and EFCC was set up. Few recovery was made although it was targeted to a perceived enemies. Some public figures were jailed. but looting the treasury is in the blood of most government officials. The looting continue. How PDP looted Nigeria dry


Obasanjo’s administration earned N17trn from crude oil sales within eight years and left behind N45bn dollars external reserves and N3.348bn dollars external debt. that is the only money made from crude oil sale. You are in the country you know how Obasanjo left Nigeria in 2006. A huge amount of public fun were looted. But at least he left N45bn in external reserve for his predecessor Yaradua. May his soul rest in peace. How PDP looted Nigeria dry


Former president Yaradua spent just two years in power. The two years had being the best in the history of PDP presidency. Everything was going smoothly. Niger Delta unrest was settle and were granted amnesty. Dead why.

Yaradua grew the reserves to N64bn dollars within just one year and the administration was able to finance 15 months of imports despite the 2008/2009 world economic meltdown. Hence, Nigeria survived the melt down because of the political will by the administration to save (a great achievement by Yaradua which most Nigerians are not aware of). Despite the tough economic reality at that time, Yaradua left N47.7bn dollars in reserves and an external debt of 3.94bn dollars. Meanwhile, the administration earned only N9trn from crude oil sales within that short period. How PDP looted Nigeria dry


Now it is the turn of former president Jonathan. After the dead of Yaradua, the country rally round to support Goodluck Jonathan and he was sworn in as president to continue the join ticket of Yaradua/Jonathan. Nigerians were full of joy to have Goodluck Jonathan as their president especially people from the South. The crude oil price skyrocket. there was money to spend  but only how to spend it. Looting of public fun was almost legalised rather than fixing the country with the huge money around. Jonathan, his cabinet and other government officers including the state governors started fixing their pockets. Nigerians felt the present of money in circulation. There was huge money to spend everywhere. Nigerians thought God has answered their prayer not knowing that they are eating their future.  How PDP looted Nigeria dry

Jonathan Administration

Jonathan administration witnessed an oil boom when Brent crude sold for over 100 dollars per barrel, with the regime earning N51trn within a period of 5 years. But because of massive loot, the administration did not only squander the oil revenue but even depleted the reserves left by Yaradua, leaving just 32bn dollars and a huge external debt of 63bn dollars for Buhari. Goodluck Jonathan regime is the worse hit by looting. Oga Jona was too weak even to control his appointees. They almost looted out the Aso rock. what would have been our fate if Oga Jona reelection bid was successful. Before you sing the praises of Goodluck Jonathan thinks again. if Jonathan had continued in power, the nation’s economic crisis would have been worse, perhaps even the Federal government wouldn’t have been able to pay salaries of civil servants. How PDP looted Nigeria dry 

Now the PDP can open their month to criticize Buhari. Goodluck Jonathan can still openly say PDP will come back in 2019. to do what – to set fire on fire.

Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke

Recently the Federal High Court in Lagos ordered the temporary forfeiture of 58 houses linked to a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke. EFCC claimed that Diezani paid $21,982,224 for the properties, the funds were proceeds of looting. under the watch of Oga Jonathan.

The United States of America also gave the details of how Mrs. Diezani laundered about $144m, using part of the funds to purchase a yacht, landed properties, furniture and artworks. Billions of naira has been traced to her account. she gave about N23bn bribe to 23 electoral officers of INEC. This woman has single handed looted about N5trn from Nigeria. How PDP looted Nigeria dry


In Dasukigate saga, 2.1bn billion US dollar were looted through Jonathan security adviser. and former president Goodluck Jonathan claims innocent of the crime. 

You know the rest of the story. how PDP looted Nigeria dry. They are now sing the praises of persecution by  Buhari government while some people dance passionately with their praises. The judiciary also helping them to succeed in their trials because some judges are their accomplished.

Now, Some Youths that hate Buhari with passion do so because of ignorance. Those who blame Buhari for the current hardship do so either out of mischief (hatred) or ignorance. So, we shouldn’t join the bandwagon in criticising him. He may not have done much to save the situation, considering that he is not a perfect human being but he means well for the country and can only succeed with our prayers.

i want to stop here because tomorrow is my birthday. you can wish me happy birthday. but i will use this medium to advice my fellow youths not to base their judgments on sentiment especially my brothers from the East. PDP plunged Nigeria into recession and blamed it on APC.

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