How my uncle raped me multiple times starting from age 7 (video)

Actress Alex has narrated how her uncle raped her multiple times, starting from when she was 7 years old, and continued for years.

In a recent episode of LITV show, ‘I Survived’ – a show where survivors tell their heart-wrenching stories and how they overcame – Victress spoke about how her dad’s younger brother, who lived with them and was trusted by their parents, raped not just her but her sisters for years.

Listen to her as she talks about the abuse and what finally led to its end.

I Survived is a show that will help you realize that you too can rise above any obstacle, just like the survivors sharing their stories on the show. Yes, you can!

I Survived: Nigerian entrepreneur tearfully narrates to LITV how her uncle raped her multiple times starting from age 7 (video)

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