How my mom turned me to a girl at early age – Bobrisky reveals hidden secret

It is no longer news that Nigerian cross-dresser and male barbie, Bobrisky is a controversial public figure whose dramatic lifestyle is always on the news.

In a recent video shared by a Twitter user – SEWASIMI, he shares his childhood story, how he grew up without his father, and his ever-longing to switch to the feminine gender.

He started my stating that his parents had some issues which led to their separation when he was barely eight years old. As the last child of the family, he had to live with his mother, rather than his father.

He didn’t state the issues causing his parents’ separation, but it seems that he did enjoy growing up with his mother alone.

According to him, “My mom used to teach me a lot of things; how to cook, how to be so confident…

He continued by saying that he liked to act girl right from when he was little. Contrary to his father’s opinion on his “girlish behaviour”, his mother felt he was too little to be chastised. Hence, the then Idris Okuneye was left alone. As time goes on, Bobrisky is inspired by his mother’s hustling spirit which according to him, she portrayed when she used to run a store at Lagos Island.

Bobrisky emphasizes that after he opened up to his mom about his wanting to be female before her death in 2009, she encouraged him to be himself and shun haters. Apparently, these are the convictions that strengthen his resolve to switch genders.

We can see that Bobrisky takes his mother’s advice to the latter, because even after his repeated arrests and recently cancelled birthday celebration, he still upholds his identity as a woman and refuses to switch back to the Idris that he once before.


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