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How Mother’s day is celebrated in Nigeria, UK and USA: Some countries celebrate mother’s day in a unique way. Each country has their own traditional ways of celebrating mother’s day. Here we are going to examine how Mother’s day is celebrated in Nigeria, United Kingdom and United state.

Mother’s day is a special day for our mothers. A day set aside to appreciate the contributions of mothers in our world, to celebrate their role as a motherhood. In Nigeria, Mother’s day Sunday is a Sunday for the mothers where a lot of gifts are showered on them.

How Mother’s day is celebrated in Nigeria, UK and USA

How Mother’s day is celebrated in Nigeria

Mother’s day Sunday is celebrated in all churches in Nigeria. Nigeria style of celebrating Mother’s day is very interesting. All churches in Nigeria celebrate this year mother’s day. Women will dress in their best attire to their various churches with their kids around them.

In the church, celebration will kick off. Everybody will put on their dancing shoes, the atmosphere in the church will be charged with singing, dancing and praises God. Nigerians are best in this.

The unique moment is when the children will be called upon to renders Mother’s day poem to their mothers. Each with gift to present to their mothers. This has become the traditional way of celebrating mother’s day in most churches in Nigeria.

i can still remember some of the poem we usually sing those days when we are kids: The poem in one the Nigeria language (Yoruba).

After the poem, it will be the time to present your gift publicly to your mother in the church. Sometime it is not about the gifts but the tradition way you have to present the gift. How Mother’s day is celebrated in Nigeria, UK and USA

How Mother’s day is celebrated in United Kingdom

Mother’s day in UK or mothering Sunday is also an interesting day in United Kingdom. The U.K. observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent a day called Mothering Sunday.

people, mainly children visited their ‘Mother Church’ or the church of their home and not the ‘Daughter Church’, the closest church in the vicinity. After paying a visit to church, children met their mothers and presented them flowers, which they gathered from bushes along the way. Girls baked special cakes called ‘Simnel Cakes’ for their mothers

The families came together to attend church. The uniqueness about UK celebration is unique,  because of the sharing of  Hallmark-card. Most families spend time together at home. Happy mother’s day messages and pictures are exchanged. thanks to social media. How Mother’s day is celebrated in Nigeria, UK and USA

How Mother’s day is celebrated in United State

In United State, families came together to honour the mothers. mothers are showered with gifts, Hallmark – cards, chocolates and flowers on Sunday.

The families also attended church together, do thanksgiving in the church,Mothers and children in USA look forward to celebrate the day with each other. Besides, in United States the national flag is hoisted on every house and important buildings on the occasion of Mother’s Day to honor motherhood and the mothers of the country.

Mothers Day is celebrated in USA in a big way and has been commercialized to a great extent. It is considered as the next big day after Christmas and Valentines Day. Phone lines record a heavy traffic and card sales reaches its peak. Restaurants are filled to their maximum capacity as children don’t want their mothers to cook on their special day. How Mother’s day is celebrated in Nigeria, UK and USA



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