How I lured My Pastor To sleep With Me Who Tried To Deliver Me From Fornication – 16-Year Old Lady

A sixteen-year-old, simply identified as Bose has narrated how the spirit of fornication has enveloped her life. How she even ended up having s*x with one of his pastors who try to deliver me from this spirit.

According to Bose who said, she attended one of the parishes of Celestial church, in Igbotako in Ondo State, narrated how she was raped at age 12 and ever since then she could not control her s*x urge, she would sleep with every man that came her way.

Bose shared her story, she said, ” I was 12 when I was raped and ever since then I have been sleeping around. My parents had tried everything they could but instead, it was getting worsened.

I will go out looking for men that will have sex with me, My urge for s*x was so strong if I don’t have sex every day I will not get myself. Sometimes I had s*x with five different men a day.

One fateful, my parents were tired of me causing them shame and disgrace, they decided to report to their pastor in Celestial church, the pastor invited me, preached and prayed for me that day. He then ordered me to stay in church for three days for prayer and fasting.

I did the fasting and praying, for the two days in the church I did have s*x with anyone, I thought I had been set free from this spirit of fornication until the third when I was getting myself.

My father called me for final prayer and counselling, as he was talking this terrible urge engulfed me. I started behaving strange, I held my pastor in a very sensitive place, although he tried to resist me I used the power of a woman, finally, my pastor fell for it. I had s*x with a pastor who try to deliver me from the spirit of fornication.

I have left the church because my pastor now runs for me, I need help, please what will I do?


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