‘How I Became The First Female Host of The Voice Nigeria’

17-01-2016. This was me after auditioning as a host for The Voice Nigeria.
I didn’t get it, I didn’t even make it to the shortlist.

This was me after auditioning as a host for The Voice Nigeria in 2016.

Fast forward to 1-04-2020, I receive a call from the gracious Mrs Deola Art-Alade. She said, “Hi Nancy, this is Mrs Deola Alade of Livespot, is this a good time to talk?” I had been in a mood for a few days as I was fighting the anxiety from the news of the pandemic. “Yes Ma’am, good afternoon ma”, I replied.

She continued, “So The Voice Nigeria is back, and the team and the franchise have decided that we want you to be the official host. It’s the first time a female is hosting. I’m all about Girl Power and I believe you’re going to do a good job”. Or something in those lines.

At this point, I went blank for a few seconds. Lol! She continued, “So is this something you’re comfortable doing?” Calmly I replied, “Yes Ma’am, It’ll be my utmost pleasure.” She then said, “Alright then, a member of the team will be in touch for negotiations and contract signing. We don’t have much time and are looking to close off ASAP”. We ended the call and I just sat up, looked around and said: “That didn’t just happen!” I was in too much disbelief to let it sink in. The deal was concluded, contracts were signed and it kicked in! I am the official host of The Voice Nigeria Season 3! Me!!😳

From time to time I try to share my story to encourage those who look up to me for whatever reason. Please understand this, I come from NOTHING! Someday, I’ll put my story in a book.
Till then here’s what I’ve come to realize about Life:

  • God’s timing is weird but if you completely trust it, you’d be good for life!
  • Patience is such an underrated virtue but trust the divine timing of God for your life.
  • When I’m asked my plans for the next 5years, I always say God will show us as we go. Because he continues to show me that my plans are nothing compared to his.
    What is meant for me, will effortlessly come to me. No need to force it, bring another person down, or lose sleep/peace.
  • All will fall in place at the right time. I just need to continuously put my 100 into whatever opportunities sent my way in other to unlock the next.

Long piece, but I hope it blesses someone today.

God is the GREATEST!🙏🏽

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