How Cristiano Ronaldo raped me anally – Las Vegas woman

A Las Vegas woman is reportedly challenging Cristiano Ronaldo over a 2009 legal settlement in which the soccer superstar agreed to pay her $375,000 to keep silent over an alleged sexual assault.

According to Reuters, Kathryn Mayorga in a German publication Der Spiegel claimed that Ronaldo raped her anally at the Palms Place Hotel in Las Vegas.

Mayorga is now attempting to void her non-disclosure agreement settlement.

At the time of the alleged rape in 2009, Mayorga was reportedly 25 years old and met Ronaldo in the VIP section of a Las Vegas nightclub.

Der Spiegel said that Mayorga narrated her ordeal in a letter written during her legal battle which it had obtained.

Der Spiegel wrote: “In the letter that she wrote to Ronaldo, K (her pseudonym) describes what happened later that night of partying.

“She writes that she gave him her number. That he called her later and invited her to a party. Afterwards, they went to his penthouse. When K. arrived together with a girlfriend, she writes that Ronaldo and his friends climbed into the Jacuzzi.

“And that he offered her swimwear. She claims that he followed her as she went to change and that the two kissed. But K. writes that this wasn’t enough for Ronaldo. She writes that she wanted to go back to the others. She continues that he took her and put her on the bed.

“That she used both hands as she attempted to protect herself. “I screamed NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO over and over I begged you to stop. I was never so scared in my life,” K. writes in the letter.

“After it was over, Ronaldo allegedly turned to her again and supposedly said 99 per cent of the time he was a good guy, but that he doesn’t know what happened to that 1 per cent. That’s what K. writes in her letter.”

Mayorga said she has since faced emotional trauma from the incident, a common occurrence with sexual assaults.

“I’ve had like these serious breakdowns,” she told the magazine. “And again, blaming of the rape. And I blame him, and I blame myself for signing that thing.”

Ronaldo had previously been arrested and questioned over allegations in 2005 that he had raped a woman in a London hotel, but that case was eventually abandoned by Scotland Yard due to insufficient evidence. Ronaldo was 20 years old at the time.



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