How Christians celebrate Palm Sunday all over the world.

How Christians celebrate Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday is very important Sunday in Christian calender “Palm Sunday” commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. As he rode into the city on a donkey, his followers spread palm branches at his feet and called him “Hosanna” or “savior.” Palm branches were considered symbols of victory and triumph at the time.

How Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

Christians around the world celebrate Palm Sunday in the pattern. If you are a Christian you would have designed your beautiful palm by now. Christians share blessed Palm which is the symbol for the celebration. The church are decorated beautifully with live Palm tree. Christians also exchange Palm branches that are designed among themselves.

How Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is one of the most colourful Sunday. In fact you love be in church especial if you attend Catholic or Anglican.

How Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday also has its unique food. Christians around the world eat special delicacy called Pax cakes. Pax cakes is just like biscuits. The significant of Pax cakes is to symbolise peace and goodwil.

Pax cake

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