Hillary Clinton Attacks Donald Trump, Says He Will be Defeated By The Democrats

The first female Presidential candidate of the United States, Hillary Clinton has fired on the President of the United States Donald Trump. Mrs Clinton played down the chance of Donald Trump winning his re-election.

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the CNN and monitored by My State News, She said, “I have seen some unfortunate detours for example with the trade embargoes and trade Wars that he’s engaged in and the failure to make any investment for the future the big tax cuts have not produced the kind of big Investments that are going to make us rich and safer and stronger”

“We were talking a minute ago about the coronavirus, you know that we what  should be doing to invest in infrastructure and around the world to protect us Against the spread of disease with Climate Change and it going to be posing threats to us when we are thinking about the future”

“No problem because Democrats do they get punished and I think their number one reason for that if you criticize someone personally run a character basis on the right. it’s just part of the Landscape that’s how you will win elections.

“If you’re on the other side of the political divide most of the people who think their work and build up their lives like that, they are comfortable with it they don’t think it’s the right thing to do so.  it’s difficult to do so. I do think there are enough criticisms to make him resort to that kind of name.

“What’s happening now, they know how to deliver their stories through the algorithms into the feet of millions and millions of people so I begrudgingly give them a lot of credit because they are shaping a narrative that is part of the messaging around Trump’s re-election. The people challenge Trump changing the subject all of the time you know they’re not interested or even worried about Trump saying that the Coronavirus is the Hulk’s then there are other people that they’re frankly feeding this ugly to be focused on ways to get them there”

On the chance of Trump Trump on the general election, Hillary Clinton said, Because I have no idea what Joe Biden is thinking about the general election campaign.  I’ve said many times I do not think Joe Biden is not our strongest nominee against Donald Trump.  You start an endorsement of job, putting together a coalition of voters who are energized looked at those numbers people are turning out and they’re turning out to try to pick the person that think would be the best President.  but also the person as our nominee who would most likely be able to beat trump and clearly the trump campaign and trump himself know that they don’t want to run against me and know who they do want to run against”

“I ran against Barack Obama in and worked very hard for him so I don’t know what his plans are for the people around him are planning and I can only hope that they understand we all have to have a singular goal of defeating Donald Trump there is nothing more important than that. Four years of Donald presidency is going to leave enough damage and damage to our institutions, to the rule of law to the expertise of our government and everything from climate change to Coronavirus and we cannot even imagine the damage that would be done by 4 more years of this kind of behaviour. So I hope that the people who have worked hard to get the nomination if they are not successful close ranks with the rest of us you know him for a long time do you think he’s the kind of person who will support I want to see the damage inflicted on our institutions and all that would mean to our democracy.


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