Happy “Friday the 13th” Good Luck Messages And Quotes

Friday the 13th has been described as an unlucky day. The superstition is planted already and a lot of people are even afraid to witness the Friday the 13th. But remember you can turn the ill-luck Friday with good luck Friday by wishing and planting to your love ones good and uplifting messages and quotes. Here I have compiled Happy Friday the 13th good luck messages and quotes for you to wish your loved ones.

What is Friday the 13th

According to Wikipedia, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. It occurs when the 13th day of the month in the Gregorian calendar falls on a Friday, which can be the case at least once every year, and up to three times a year.

So are you scared – Some people are scared of Friday the 13th? But just remember the biblical quote which says ‘If God is with us who can be against us’ I have compiled happy Friday the 13th good luck messages and quotes to make the Friday of 13th a memorable day.

Happy Friday the 13th good luck messages and quotes

wishing you well…

Happy Friday the 13th quotes

It’s Friday the 13th! It’s only bad luck if you put it in your head. Think it’s just another day & stay positive. Have faith with God!

Don’t be superstitious. Nothing will happen on Friday the 13th that cannot happen on Saturday the 14th.

God created day and night and look at it and behold it was good. so Friday the 13th cannot be a bad day. stay positive.

Happy Friday the 13th! Don’t look what’s under your bed tonight & don’t turn off the light. You don’t know what’s coming. Have a good day!

Very superstitious, writings on the wall, Very superstitious, ladders ’bout to fall, Thirteen-month-old baby, broke the lookin’ glass, seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past.

Don’t walk under a ladder. A leaning ladder supposedly represents the trinity-walk right through it, and you’re in league with the devil.

Happy Friday the 13th good luck messages

I always look forward to your future. Fill your eyes and heart with motivation, Push yourself and boosts your capabilities to do what you want, May you gain confidence and believe in what you do. Happy good luck Friday the 13th.

As the sun shines and it is Visible for all to see so shall the Glory of God be in your Life always Happy good luck Friday the 13th

Time never stops for someone, it flies. But my love for you will remain there, it will never fly or die. Happy good luck Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th good luck messages

Forget about the days and night, ups and downs, good and bad of Friday the 13th. Its time to go on and hope for the best. Happy good luck Friday the 13th

Its time to forget the pain. Don’t let your efforts go in vain. Get ready for the struggle. Try hard and gain what you want. Happy good luck Friday the 13th

Happiness Keeps U SWEET, Trials Make U STRONG, Sorrows Keeps U HUMBLE, Success Keeps You Glowing. Happy good luck Friday the 13th

I couldn’t be happier. It is Friday, and my life is filled with great family and friends that I love to share the day with.

Give someone a hug. Give someone a kiss. It is Friday, and there is no better day in the week to start and finish as fast as possible.

The golden time of our lives always starts on a Friday. Whether we’re in school or have a job, Fridays are awesome. Happy good luck Friday the 13th

Open ur Mind 2 Possibilities You’ll be amazed by what you are capable of achieving We are powerful beyond measure. Happy good luck Friday the 13th


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