Happy Ash Wednesday 2020 Messages, Wishes, Quotes and Pictures SMS

Happy Ash Wednesday to loved ones, Happy Ash Wednesday to your friends and Family, We have the best collection of happy Ash Wednesday 2020 Messages, Wishes, Quotes and Pictures SMS for you. Wishes people around you a very happy Ash Wednesday.

What is Ash Wednesday?

According to Wikipedia, Ash Wednesday is a Christian holy day of prayer, fasting, and repentance. It is preceded by Shrove Tuesday and falls on the first day of Lent, the six weeks of penitence before Easter. Ash Wednesday 2020 falls on March 6, it is always marked 40 days before Easter.

All information regarding Ash Wednesday, the Significant and the method of celebration is summed up in Christianity posts.

Here we are concerned on how you can send good Happy Ash Wednesday 2020 Messages, Wishes, Quotes and Pictures SMS to your loved ones.

Ash Wednesday 2020 Messages

Thanks to Kenyanlife that compiled some of the quotes from Ash Wednesday, See some of them below:

Ash Wednesday; Time to reflect and share our thanks, for this is the time that we remember the greatest sacrifice.

Ash Wednesday is full of joy…The source of all sorrow is the illusion that of ourselves we are anything but dust.

On this Ash Wednesday let’s make our first sacrifice of turning over to The Lord every anxiety and fear.

Most gracious God we come praying on this Ash Wednesday as we remember our Lord Jesus’ trek toward Calvary. Thank you for such love, Amen.

Ash Wednesday a day that reminds us we’re not here forever and challenges us to live the very best every day.

Repent and believe in the gospel. A Blessed Ash Wednesday to all my fellow Catholics.

Today is the start of Lenten season, time to give time to the one who made us and sacrificed Himself for us. Wednesday Day of Ashes today.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday 2020 Quotes

The ashes represent our mortality and are an external sign of our condition as sinners. Mathew Warner.

The suggestive ceremony of the ashes elevates our minds to the eternal reality that never happens, to God; beginning and end, alpha and omega of our existence? John Paul II.

With the rite of the imposition of the ashes, the Church takes the austere route towards Easter. It is a time of conversion, deepening of the faith, intense prayer, and charity. Benedict XVI.

With penance, we overcome the spirit of evil. Therefore, it is necessary that on this day we exercise temperance in food, in thoughts and feelings. Avoiding ostentation, doing an interior job hidden before the eyes of men??


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