Google tracks: Your location still gets tracked even when off

If you have a data sensitive business then you have to check out your Google tracks feature.

Google tracks

Data can be sourced from your phone which can be peddled right or wrong. Other than your user details, Google collects information on your location. However, users are given the option to turn off this feature. But is only a half a truth because Google can still somewhat pinpoint your location.

Try this, for instance, using a VPN on a laptop, and wifi network connection from a device you are logged in to Gmail or other google related devices (but the location is turned off). Try using google. map online to check where you are, you will see that Google still has your location but not exactly your spot, however, this location is about a square foot from your exact spot.

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It has come to light through many tech sensitive individuals that turning off your location on your Android or IOS device does not in anyway stop Google tracking from working.

Google tracks are very much alive and when even when you feel you are offline.

According to the Associate press, Google gives its customers options to turn off location but still stores some. data about their whereabouts.

How do Google tracks work with location turned off

It’s easy, Google takes a snapshot down to a meter square of where you are and what you are doing when you use Google search, check the google map, read emails or anything connected to Google entirely.

Also some of these searches may come from apps that send you notifications from time to time.

Google tracks is still very accurate while you think you have a hidden spot on the internet and this affects billions of devices out there.

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Google tracks: here is the fix

Turning off your location does only one thing for you. Someone cannot simply drop a pin right on your exact spot. It also conserves the battery of your smart phone.

But when someone has a square radius of your location, they certainly have your estimated location which is as good as the real thing.

So here is my advise: Turn off not only your location but also your web and app activity.

Here’ how to do this:

1. Launch or sign into your Google account

2. Go to settings

3. Go to Web and app activity

4. Lastly turn off the feature.

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