Google releases Year in Search 2017 Video – How to watch

Google releases Year in Search 2017 Video. The gaint search engine Google has released Year in search video for 2017. Google Year in Search video comprises the top search in 2017. It is the compilation of the most trending search in google under the year in review. Facebook also released the recap of most trending news on Facebook weeks ago. Facebook called it Year in review video. Google looked back into the year and collate the top search terms.

The most trending news is the Hurricane Irma that hits Puerto Rico and Houston. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X coming second and third.

Google releases Year in Search 2017 Video

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List of trending items in Google 2017 #Yearinsearch

1Hurricane Irma
2) iPhone 8
3) iPhone X
4) Matt Lauer
5) Meghan Markle
6) 13 Reasons Why
7) Tom Petty
8) Fidget Spinner
9) Chester Bennington
10) India National Cricket Team

The most search people in Google 2017

1) Matt Lauer
2) Meghan Markle
3) Nadia Toffa
4) Harvey Weinstein
5) Kevin Spacey
6) Gal Gadot
7) Melania Trump
8) Floyd Mayweather
9) Michael Flynn
10) Philippe Coutinho

Google releases Year in Search 2017 Video

Most search Global news in Google 2017

1) Hurricane Irma
2) Bitcoin
3) Las Vegas Shooting
4) North Korea
5) Solar Eclipse
6) Hurricane Harvey
7) Manchester
8) Hurricane Jose
9) Hurricane Maria
10) April the Giraffe

Most search actors in Google 2017

1) Meghan Markle
2) Kevin Spacey
3) Gal Gadot
4) Louis C.K.
5) Bill Skarsgård
6) Millie Bobby Brown
7) Tom Holland
8) Kaley Cuoco
9) Saoirse Ronan
10) Jason Momoa

Most search Consumer Tech in Google 2017

1) iPhone 8
2) iPhone X
3) Nintendo Switch
4) Samsung Galaxy S8
5) Xbox One X
6) Nokia 3310
7) Razer Phone
8) Oppo F5
9) OnePlus 5
10) Nokia 6

Most search Movies in Google 2017

1) IT
2) Wonder Woman
3) Beauty and the Beast
4) Logan
5) Justice League
6) The Fate of the Furious
7) Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
8) Dunkirk
9) La La Land
10) Thor: Ragnorok

Google releases Year in Search 2017 Video

This year is coming to an end in few days. People really consumed Google world that is Google fare this year as we look for to more search in 2018. Check the rest Year in Searc 2017 Here.


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