Google Assistant: Exciting reasons you should start using it

The Google assistant’s AI has learnt some awesome exciting tricks, you should consider enjoying these features now.

The Google Assistant acts like an automated form of a personal secretary, it utilizes AI that is Artificial intelligence.


Google Assistant
Google Assistant

In recent years, Google as added more features to the Google Assistant to ensure maximum enjoyment of your Android phone. This lovely app was first introduced in 2016 and has become an integrated app with exciting features.

In this part of the world, i know a lot of us feel that the Google Assistant would not work quite well for us since we live in a country that may not fully be on the Google Map.

Well here is my personal experience, with Google Assistant i get region specific news to my location and can tell the weather long before it starts raining. All of these features i can use and i even used them fully when i went to a remote village in the outskirts of Port Harcourt. In fact, it helped me live the area on time since their bad roads would have made stranded for the night.

With the added enjoyment of voice search i can do a whole lot  of this, and this i wish to share with you.

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Change the Google Assistant voice

Naturally, you can get sick of hearing the monotonous default Google Assistant  voice. when you do, you can change this efficiently. In 2017, Google assistant added Eight different voice options giving you a whole lot to choose from.

To change voice, Go to the Google assistant via the Settings menu or Google Home app. select Preferences and then the Assistant voice. Now pick from all eight options.

Setting up Routines

Using Google Assistant ensures that all frequently used apps and features are kept close by. All you need is a single comment. You can go through the pre- determined routine commands and set them up for you. This can save you a whole lot of time in many other areas.

To set the Routines on your Android phone, all you have to do is scroll the Assistant settings and scroll down to pick ‘Routines”. In the menu, you will find Google’s pre loaded commands: bedtime, good morning, I’m home, let’s go to work and let’s go home. Saying all of this instantly triggers the associated Routine for any of  them. You can also customize a few thins such as your audio playback, travel info and smart devices.

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Typing Assistant

The Google Assistant has an integrated feature that allows you  to use text to speech output. This can be fine if you are in a situation when you need to talk to your phone but for voice dictation, it still has a long way to go.

Google Express shopping list

The Google Assistant can be used to add items to a shopping list but this list at one time lived on within the google keep. In recent times, it is somewhat different. The Google Express delivery can also be used especially when you are a subscriber to a business.

To add item to shopping list, all you have to do is say “Add “item name” to my shopping list. This will show up in your Google Express shopping list immediately. If you wish to access the list, simply say “show me my shopping list. When you tap “shop your list”, you will be able to see local retailers that can help you deliver your goods or better still service as a guide to your business.

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Location  based reminders

The Google Assistant also helps you save reminders for  the future. In addition, you can increase its functionality and set it to a particular location, where you wish to be reminded to make a certain purchase. For instance: Let say you wish to be remind about something on a trip to the grocery store. All you have to say is “Remind me to buy milk when i go to (grocery store). The reminder won’t appear on your Google Home, if it had no where to go., it would only apply if you arrived at the set location. All you need now is begin using your Google Assistant.

And there you have it, some of the best reasons you should begin using the Google Assistant

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