Godwin Obaseki Gives Testimony At RCCG Congress 2020, Says God Shows Oshiomhole

The Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki testified at the RCCG Congress 2020, a yearly programme by the Redeemed Christians Church of God. He narrated how God helped him win the Governorship election in Edo State.

Godwin Obaseki who was the last testifier on Friday RCCG Congress 2020, appeared in all-white apparel said ” You all know me and you all know my testimony, what God did for us in Edo State. God proved that only him has power when it all looked impossible, when a man wants to play God, God shows that He is God and only him has power and only him gives power. Referring to Godftherism in Edo State.

The Governor said that he came to one of the Holy Ghost Services last year. He met with Pastor Adeboye and He prayed for him and he said that he will win the election.

Watch the Video Below:



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