Gmail confidential mode: here’s what it offers you.

The Gmail Confidential mode released recently is now available via the Gmail website, Android and IOS apps. But this is why you should use it.

Gmail confidential mode
Gmail confidential mode

Sending important private messages using comes with risks, but with the Gmail confidential mode, you have more.

The Gmail confidential mode will stop the recipient of your email from forwarding, copying or printing, downloading your messages.

Also, messages placed in this mode can be locked safely with passwords which can be sent via SMS to the recipient’s phone number.

Any email sent via Gmail confidential mode will be deleted from your recipient’s inbox or any folder it is stored in after the period of time you specify. These messages may also remain in your own sent message folder, so you should always delete them from that part of your phone should you wish to remove all traces of its existence.

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Limitations of the Gmail Confidential mode

Naturally, there are some limitations to using this platform.

  • First, the confidential mode does not stop your recipient from taking a screenshot of the emails set.
  • Secondly, EEF warns that there is no end to end encryption with the Gmail Confidential mode. Therefore hackers may use this mode to create some sort of a link to assessing your data.

How to use the Gmail Confidential Mode

Generally, there are two ways you can use the Gmail confidential mode. The first is without a password and the other involves a password.

1. Using without password

When you are opening the Gmail website via the browser, simply go to the lock button and then skip the first steps to step 3. However, the general instructions for using this aspect takes on this processes

1. Click on the three-digit button after composing your email

2. Tap confidential mode

3. Next, select the date you wish that the message expire, and then select “Done”

4. Select “standard”

5. Select “standard confidential mode” and then click done

6. Select “Done”

2. Using With SMS passcode

If you wish to use SMS passcode, then all you need do is follow the steps above than at step 4, select passcode. Now add the person’s phone number by clicking “add missing information”. Lastly, tap the check mark and then send the email.

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When your recipient receives the email, they will get a dialogue box they require they accept to receive the code to open the email via SMS. Once they click ” send passcode”, they will receive the passcode and then open it. This first notification message they will receive is the amount of time they can hang on to the email.

And that’s how you use the Gmail Confidential Mode.

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