‘Get Your PVCs’ Tacha Tells Young Nigerians


Dear Fellow Nigerians, 

The incidents of the last few days have left several youths of Nigeria, shattered and hurt. 

Young Nigerians

The incidents taking place in Nigeria and Africa at large has been disheartening and ultimately disgusting. 

It only shows the extent to which we still have to go concerning insecurity and good governance. Nevertheless, I would like to praise the youths who stood up for this great cause. The unity and bravery we all invested during this period are exactly what we need in our dear country, Nigeria. 

However, I am so sad and almost depressed, young HEROES lost their lives for this movement. 

Why does it seem that we have lost our humanity? We need to recoil and introspect on the happenings of the past few days and take note so that such will never repeat itself in the history of Nigeria, and Africa in general. 

With a heavy heart and my deepest sympathy, I offer my condolences to the families and loved ones of those who have lost someone in this struggle for a better Nigeria. 

They died as HEROES, and we would never FORGET their COURAGE, their bravery and the tenacity put in to advocate for a better Nigeria.

I was so invested in this good cause, never knowing that it had the proclivity to turn out so disastrous in such a dastardly manner.

My heart goes out to all entrepreneurs whose stores have been vandalized and looted, It’s draining and sickening watching one’s sweat go down the drain.

In that regard, can we map out a plan in cleaning up some of these stores, I’m open to ideas (with a plan) and suggestions, please mail [email protected] let’s put smiles on their FACES.

However it is not finished, the struggle doesn’t end, we would continue to advocate for a  BETTER Nigeria.

I find it hard to have hope as it is, so it would be ironic for me to tell you to be hopeful. Is there hope? Yes, where there is life, there is hope. Should we give up? No, we shouldn’t!! we live to fight another day. We would come out stronger and wiser from this situation Together as ONE. One Nigeria.

Rather than act in driven emotions, anger, stoking the embers of violence and anarchy, it would be in our best interest to STRATEGIZE on the way forward.

Guys, go get your PVC’s and fulfil your RIGHTS as a Citizen to vote when the time comes. We PIN!

To the rest of Africa, i.e. Congo, Namibia, South Africa, Cameroon, Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and every other country undergoing tough times, I want to say that We understand your struggle and stand with you.

It remains in our prayers and supplications that Africa becomes a better place for us all. Our hearts are with you, Stay Strong!!!

Sending Everyone Cyber Hugs.

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