Germany vs Sweden live updates as Germany battle for survival

Germany vs Sweden live updates: Germany vs Sweden match is underway. Germany is battling for their survival in this group. The teams list and the line up is given below.

Germany starting line up

Sweden Starting line up

Olsen; Lustig, Lindelof, Granqvist, Augustinsson; Larsson, Ekdal, Claesson, Forsberg; Toivonen, Berg

Germany vs Sweden live updates

Germany get the ball straight away and calmly play out from the back. Sure enough, Sweden immediately drop back into their deep 4-4-2 shape.

Germany are passing the ball around the final third nicely, Kimmich pulling out wide right… and he hits a cross in that comes off a defender and then lands with Werner! He’s inside the six yard box, crosses low and DRAXLER MUST SCORE! Blocked! How has he missed?!

It looks like Rudiger is playing as sweeper, Boateng and Hector taking up positions either side of him when Germany have possession.

Lee Dixon raises an interesting point. “If there’s nobody there, he gets a shot away” and because Boateng puts his foot in, he doesn’t. Still, a team of referees have decided that’s not a foul having reviewed it so I’m inclined to side with their opinion.

Germany are back in the Sweden final third now, switching play, looking for an opening… but there are too many players heavily marked.

It’s kinda one sided… but Sweden look so dangerous on the counter-attack! Possession means nothing if you can’t do anything with it.

That looks like a burst lip and a whack to the nose, which is still bleeding. Rudy goes to change his shirt but he’ll need his nose seen to before he can come on. Germany are slowly passing around their own half while he’s seen to. Sweden aren’t even considering pressing higher to try and win the ball off him.

Sweden are passing around Germany’s half! [puts on party hat] They’re taking advantage of Germany being down to 10 men at the moment and Hector has to head at the back post to get a cross behind. Corner. The big defenders are forward for it

Rudy is still standing shirtless on the sidelines. Low appears to be losing his patience. He needs a new top because the other one is covered in blood but he’s also having a member of staff putting ice on the back of his neck. Germany might make a substitution here.


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