Former beauty queen still have strong feeling for Flavour

Banner Anna, a former beauty queen in Nigeria, who won in the Beautiful Girl competition in Nigeria some years ago, is now, Flavour’s baby mama the popular singer.

It was observed, she never used her pregnancy to disturb the singer, Anna said she was still in love with Flavour, even if he has yet to marry her after having a child for him.

Former beauty queen still have strong feeling for Flavour

I didn’t got pregnant because I wanted flavour to get married to me rather than to keep my relationship on with him. I am public as well. But been pregnant for him (flavour) is to show my complete love and readiness for him as my only lover on earth. It wasn’t planned. And i can’t call it a mistake but God’s purpose to mankind.

“When you’re in love proved it, to the whole world to see and be ready for it.’’

Former beauty queen still in love with flavour
Former beauty queen still have strong feeling for Flavour

Anna got pregnant after been featured in Flavour’s Golibe video.

Anna said she is not jealous despite flavour has a tie love with another baby mama, called Sandra Okagbue.

She recall on how she felt when she found out that she was pregnant, and how she was weak in the first instant.

I thought that was an end for me, because my parent was not happy with me as that moment it happened. Keep the baby was the best decision I have made. I am not saying it is right okay. Anna said she intends to set up a foundation in future.

She said her foundation will empower the teenagers who found themselves in such situation I found myself.



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