Forbes rates Nigeria as 2018 biggest economy in Africa

Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa, according to a recent rating released by Forbes. Nigeria maintains its lead in economic power in Africa with the GDP of $172 billion.

South Africa is closely followed with $166.735 billion GDP  while Egypt in third raking having a GDP of $78 billion

Top ten biggest economy in Africa of 2018

  1. Nigeria $172 billion
  2. South Africa $166.735 billion.
  3. Egypt $78 billion
  4. Algeria $66 billion
  5. Lybia $65 billon
  6. Botswana $22.675 billion
  7. Ghana $20.458 billion
  8. Morroco $18 billion
  9. Ivory Coast $11 billion
  10. Madagascar $6.766 billion.


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