Fighting corruption is not an economic policy – Peter Obi

The People Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Peter Obi said during the Vice Presidential debate that fighting corruption is not an economic policy.

In a country like Nigeria where corruption has eaten deep in the system. The best economic policy is to get a grid of corruption in the system.

Before China came out from the economic mess, What they did was to effectively fight corruption to a standstill. A looter in China gets a death sentence. Peter Obi made a lot of references to China during the debate.

A country like Singapore also did the same thing.

Peter Obi also quoted to have said ”You can lock your shop and started running after criminals” the quotation suggests that if they are voted in they will totally ignore fighting corruption. Corruption is a leading problem in Nigeria.

For instance, let’s take a shop in his quote as an example, a shop cannot be opened an environment where criminals are dominated. For an example, in the atmosphere of corruption, it will be impossible to get a shop. I have seen a situation in Lagos where one shop is rented for 10 people. An agent will collect money from over ten people just to rent out one shop.

A serious government will take fighting corruption very seriously. it is a parasite that eats deep in Nigeria economic.

Well if you miss the debate you watch below.


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