‘Feminism Doesn’t imply I Can’t have sex with men’ – Grace Ajilore Fires Back At Critics

Grace Ajilore, vlogger and self-acclaimed feminist, has sent the Nigerian Twittersphere into overdrive with argument over her pregnancy announcement.

The blogger, who is known for her strong ideals on how ladies should be treated by men in a relationship, took to her Instagram page on Sunday to share a picture of herself clutching her protruded belly.

“My Christmas came early! Me & daddy can’t wait to meet our beautiful baby,” she wrote.

The development has since gotten many users talking on Twitter.

While a segment of Nigerians expressed their disappointment at the vlogger for conceiving outside wedlock, others came to her defence, arguing she was clearly misunderstood since she only advised ladies not to stick with men who treat them badly.

“Does feminism imply not having sex with men? FEMINISM is about equality… There’s a big difference between this and MISANDRY I still don’t see why y’all are making noise cos Grace Ajilore got pregnant I don’t get you guys Aswr,” a Twitter user said.

“Grace Ajilore never said she is a feminist or misandrist. Grace is just having fun on social media & telling you to use your head while dealing with men that don’t appreciate you, but because you don’t have sense, you’re mistaking it for hatred for men. I wish her safe delivery,” another user said.


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