Federal Government Announces New Date For WAEC 2020

When is WAEC starting? The Federal Government of Nigeria announced a new date for WAEC 2020  the COVID-19 has stopped the normal timetable. Students are calling for the new date when the West Examination Council will be conducted. When is WEAC starting? is one of the search items on Google and thank God the federal government has provided an answer to that query.

The Federation Government through the Minister of Education has advised West Africa Examination Council, to adjust the timetable for the Examination. The Federation Government has also settled to take the exam which was previously scheduled to take place on April 4 to either June or July 2020.

When is WEAC starting

The council after deliberating on the new for the WAEC 2020 has decided to postpone the examination indefinitely.

We have postponed the examination until further notice, ”he said.

The examination was earlier scheduled to commence on April 6.

The council said the postponement is as a result of the impact of the novel and deadly coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

”This decision is a demonstration of the organisation’s concern and support for the various protocols being put in place by the federal and state governments of Nigeria and the governments of the other member countries to check the spread of the disease,” the council said.

According to the council, “the earlier released timetable for the conduct of the examination is hereby suspended until further notice.

“We wish to assure all candidates, schools presenting candidates for the examination, all stakeholders, and indeed, the general public that this decision will be reviewed once the health situation improves,” the council said.

The Federal Government has made an effort to see students remain active in learning during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Government has also made provision by going into the partnership with a private organization to create an enabling online platform for students to learn. Apart from the TV learning programme that so showing on NTA and Radio network in Nigeria. Nigeria has also partnered with an existing online learning platform like a mobile classroom that previously charges a fee for using its platform. Nigeria Government has fully paid for the subscription and students can access their platform and learn for free.

Buhari Government signed an agreement with the school gate.ng and mobileclassroom.com.ng to teach student during COVID-19 period. For clarification, school gate.ng will provide learning for the primary school while the mobileclassroom.com will serve the secondary school session.

The Federal Government has also partnered with mobile Network providers in Nigeria to give students free data to enable them to access the various video teaching in the online platform. The tutorial on how to access all the online classroom is available in my previous article.


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