#Facebookyearinreview- See what Facebook is saying about you

It is now ready on your Facebook wall, Facebook year in review. #Facebookyearinreview. Facebook is collating your activites in the world of year 2017. Some importance events you have shared on Facebook. Facebook have collated this information in an animated video for you to recall your activities in past year. People are now checking for their video. Have you see yours? I will show you how to quickly get your own video. Read on.


Facebook year in review #Facebookyearinreview is for everyone that has account on Facebook. Facebook also review on its own part the most discussed topic in year 2017. The leading is the ‘international women’s day. Facebook listed some trending stories in year 2017.

For the Facebook users you will be responsible for your #Facebookyearinreview video. It is what you have posted in the year in review that you will see. Check this Facebook year in review #Facebookyearinreview below.

How to see and edict your Facebook year in review 2017

To see your Year in Review visit facebook.com/yearinreview2017 or click Watch Yours on a Year in Review that has been shared by friend. You may also see your Year in Review video in your News Feed, but it’s only visible to you unless you share it.

To share your Year in Review:

  1. Go to facebook.com/yearinreview2017
  2. Click Share Video
  3. Select the audience for the post
  4. Click Post

To edit your Year in Review before you share it:

  1. Go to facebook.com/yearinreview2017
  2. Click Edit Video and then choose the photos you want to appear in your video
  3. Click Share
  4. Select the audience for the post
  5. Click Post

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