Facebook #smilechallenge Try No To Smile It May Be Dangerous

The hashtag #smilechallenge Facebook and other social media is generating a lot of attention and a lot of people, especially celebrities are pulling on fake smiles to attract people attentions.

Smile challenge is necessary to avert the sorrow and sadness created by the covid-19 pandemic. Sad sadness and Sorrow is the order of the day for 2020 because many people lost the loved ones which plugged them into sorrow.

Smiling in his own will revitalize your body and gives you the energy needed to supply happiness into your body. Happiness can be triggered by putting on a smile.

Facebook #smilechallenge this year is necessary to force a smile into the faces of so many people who don’t have anything too small for.

The hashtag used alongside with smile challenge are:

It is now better to put a smile into the faces of other people’s around you but try not to smile.


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