#EverywhereStew: See All You Need To Know About The ‘Stew’ Trend (Photos)

In the last couple of weeks, the STEW phenomenon, as propounded by Ayodeji Balogun aka Wizkid, has set the social media on fire. The now very popular social media slang was first introduced by the Baba Nla crooner, following the events preceding the release of two of his latest jams, Fever and Master Groove. On October 9th, he had first tweeted, ‘Finally, New stew’, building a bit of a buzz around the new songs he had just dropped.

A couple of days later, he had further teased fans on twitter, when he posted a tweet on the release of the official video for his song ‘Fever’.

But what does STEW really mean?

The Nigerian Twitter-sphere is one that has been characterized by the timely releases of slangs, words and phrases that stay long enough on the lips of many. From too much sauce and pepper dem gang to gerrarahere mehn, these slangs, phrases etc have served as ingredients to spice up the Nigerian social media circle. And when the STEW frenzy came, there was a meltdown, as Nigerian quickly caught on to the stew fever.

Stew, as implied by Wizkid, could mean something that was carefully and masterfully prepared. Stew is Simple, and not overly complicated. Stew is Tactful, and is loved by almost everyone. Stew is Excellence, it is of high quality, and stew is Well prepared.

Channeling into the stew masterstroke, TECNO Mobile gathered celebrities and fans alike to a colourful Lagos Fashion Week 2018, for all to come and showcase their ‘stew’. Beautiful dresses and faces were on display, and pictures were also taken to capture the surreal moments.

The events had celebrities such as former Big Brother Naija contestant, Uriel, Tobi, and a host of others in attendance. They all stepped into the Tecno booth and stew was made, as their pictures were captured.


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