Even Couch Potatoes Deserve Love

They say opposites attract, but Peter and Halima are two opposite people whose difference tore them apart. Now Peter is trying to bridge the gap.


In episode 12 of Africa Magic’s Love Come Back, we meet Peter, a civil servant who is very introverted and prefers to be indoors spending time alone. His former girlfriend, Halima on the other hand, prefers the great outdoors. She loves having fun and going on adventures. This difference in likes caused a rift between them resulting in them being apart for over 6 months.

With the help of the Love Come Back team, Peter tries to win Halima back.

To do this, the team created an amusement park-themed game course because Halima loves those and proceeded on the journey to win her back. Peter, who was confident when speaking to Ibrahim earlier grew nervous when it was finally time to meet with Halima. But he quickly conquered it and went ahead to ask her out on a date. Thankfully, she said yes.

They had fun shooting hoops, riding the ‘bull of terror’ and Halima felt like they were bonding through all the games. She loved seeing him have fun and Peter also admitted to enjoying himself.

The highlight of the night was the questions round when the host, Ibrahim Suleiman, asked them a series of questions and then dropped the final question “Which one of you is ready to propose right now?”. Peter dropped to his knees and popped the question “will you marry me?”. Halima said yes! She was impressed that he made the effort to try and change to see things from her side.

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