European elections 2019 Live Updates, Results and Everything You Should Know

The European election 2019 kick-off across the United Kingdom Today. We have the live updates, when the results will be out and every other things you should know about UK elections.

European elections 2019 Explained

The polls will take place in the UK today – May 23 2019. Voters in Ireland turn out the following day. Those in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia vote on May 25 and the remaining 21 EU nations cast their ballots on May 26. The results from every nation will be released on the evening of May 26 after the last polling station in the continent is closed. Seventy-three members, known as MEPs, will be elected in nine constituencies in England, and one each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each region has a different number of representatives based on its population – ranging from three MEPs in the North East and Northern Ireland to 10 MEPs in the South East. Polling stations in the UK are open until 10pm today in the UK. Results will not be announced until Sunday evening when the last polling station in Europe closes.

perhaps not since no-one knows how Brexit will play out. And it is because of that uncertainty that the European Commission has insisted that the UK participates in the European Parliamentary elections.

Their fear is that if the UK revokes Brexit, or decides to hold a second referendum and the UK had failed to participate in polls, then the UK would be in breach of its obligations to hold elections and to give all citizens the right to democratic representation in Europe.

Failure to do so, risks invalidating the constitution of the new EU institutions, and all the decisions it makes, causing legal mayhem. As a result it was deemed safer for the UK to hold the elections.

Full list of MEP candidates

Below is a full list of the official UK candidates for the European elections which take place on May 23rd.

East Midlands

5 seats, 2 elected as Ukip, 2 Conservative, 1 Labour

Brexit Party

  1. Annunziata Rees-Mogg
  2. Jonathan Bullock
  3. Matthew Patten
  4. Tracy Selina Knowles
  5. Anna Louisa Bailey

Change UK

  1. Kate Godfrey
  2. Joan Laplana
  3. Narinder Sharma
  4. Pankajhumar Gulab
  5. Emma-Jane Marley


  1. Emma McClarkin
  2. Rupert Matthews
  3. Anthony Harper
  4. Brendan Clarke-Smith
  5. Thomas Randall


  1. Kat Boettge
  2. Gerhard Lohmann-Bond
  3. Liam McClelland
  4. Daniel Wimberley
  5. Simon Tooke


  1. Simon Rood

Independent Network

  1. Nick Byatt
  2. Marianne Overton
  3. Daniel Simpson
  4. Pearl Clarke
  5. Nikki Dillon


  1. Rory Palmer
  2. Leonie Mathers
  3. Tony Tinley
  4. Nicolle Ndiweni
  5. Gary Godden

Liberal Democrats

  1. Bill Newton Dunn
  2. Michael Mullaney
  3. Lucy Care
  4. Suzanna Austin
  5. Caroline Kenyon


  1. Alan Graves
  2. Marietta King
  3. Anil Bhatti
  4. Fran Loi
  5. John Evans



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